Why write for us?

1. Side Income – Profit

Writers are paid 90% of the revenue from the shared advertisement that is on their on their page. Each writer has his articles tracked by our platform, and amount earned is tracked by Google Adsense. The amount you earn is directly correlated with the amount of page views the article receives.  The amount of work you put into an article will reflect its performance, strong material performs well. It is in your best interest to write articles that are shareable and interesting to read. To get paid through the revenue share format, you must have a Google Adsense account. As well, you can do additional marketing on top of our social media by posting the article to Reddit, Forums, or your own Facebook page for example. As well, Consistency in well performing articles can lead to a permanent fully paid position.

2. Build your reputation in the Industry

When you post for us, your content is automatically sent out across all of our Social Media channels. It is also on the website’s homepage and at the latest articles listings until more content is live.  We will do our best to help your voice get heard, while continuing to build the Deeply Esports brand to stronger back your resume.

DeeplyEsports.com is the perfect place to advance your esports journalism career.  We will give you the opportunity to write about your favorite game’s esports scene to a global audience, so you can gain recognition in the industry.