Fnatic Wickd 2017

As of today, all League of Legends professional team contracts are finalized. The official roster lock which went into effect on January 5th has now surpassed. The largest change happened on the day of the roster lock. Wickd has been signed by Fnatic as the substitute top laner according to the Riot Games LoL Esports Contract Database. This means that it will be Fnatic Wickd and sOAZ in the top lane throughout the spring split. It appears that sOAZ will be the main top laner, while Wickd will be the substitute.

Wickd’s contract continues from January 5th until February 28th, 2017. Compared to the average EU LCS contract, this contract is extremely short being only 2 months long. However, it is an opportunity for Wickd to prove that he is a Tier 1 top laner in Europe again. As well, it creates additional motivation for sOAZ to constantly improve as he fights to retain the number one spot. The contract may also be a way for Fnatic to retain Wickd as a content creator while also filling the role as a compulsory substitute. His utilization is unknown at the current moment in time.

Fnatic Wickd has seen success in the past with Evil Geniuses and Alliance from 2013 to 2015. Unfortunately, since then he hasn’t been able to solidify his position for more than 6 months at a time. The last team that Wickd was on was Crew e-Sports Club, which he left on October 26th.

Since leaving Crew e-Sports Club, Wickd has been streaming his games often on his Twitch, and posting content to his YouTube channel. Wickd has also climbed the solo queue ladder to a top 50 spot, where he currently holds the 47th position. Fnatic hope that Wickd can be an additional piece to the puzzle, so that they can return to their successful 2015 form.

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