New Copenhagen FC eSports Team Roster (Former Dignitas)

The former Dignitas team, which consists of Mathias ‘MSL‘ Lauridsen, Kristian ‘k0nfig‘ Wienecke, Ruben ‘RUBINO‘ Villarroel, René ‘cajunb‘ Borg, and Emil ‘Magiskb0y‘ Reif have signed with the biggest football club in Denmark, FC Copenhagen.

FC Copenhagen is a powerhouse among the Danish Superliga, and with this announcement, will be the first Danish football club to expand it’s brand into eSports, a growing industry that is taking media by storm. Official contracts have already been signed, as the CSGO team looks to get a large raise in salary. Ex-Dignitas is currently ranked number 6th on the HLTV world rankings, and will look to continue their success under FC Copenhagen.

An official statement by FC Copenhagen will be released in the first week of 2017.