North CSGO Roster

FC Copenhagen’s entrance into eSports starts today as they officially announce the signing of the former Dignitas Roster. The signing includes a 3-5 year contract, which is longer than most current contracts, showing that FC Copenhagen is here to stay. As well, moving forward, FC Copenhagen’s team name will officially be North. They are actively awaiting an entrance into other eSports titles at this moment in time, with titles like League of Legends being a possibility.

FC Copenhagen representatives also expressed their desire to host one of the largest eSports tournaments ever in the future, with attendance numbers of 40k to 50k people.

The Official North CSGO Team Roster is:

Ruben ‘RUBINO‘ Villarroel released a statement on Twitter to announce their new organization as seen below:

“I’m happy to announce our new home @thenorthishere. It has been a long road; about fourteen months ago I was close to quitting the game and now I’ve officially signed with a football club. Its unbelievable that some years ago this was something everybody would laugh about, but now it’s a reality!”


The official YouTube Video can be found below, and Announcement here.