From bad to worse, news about the ESEA hack just keeps on rolling. On December 27th, ESEA’s security database was breached by an unknown source. Included in the breach was usernames, emails, private messages, IP addresses, mobile phone numbers, hashed passwords, and hashed secret question answers. This information was provided by ESEA in a release on December 30th.

For users who are unaware, a hashed password is when a password is converted into a fixed length encrypted password. The information can be accessed through decryption with the correct salt values. This is an extra security step, however it can be accessed with some knowledge.

As of January 7th, ESEA is down to update its security. In the meantime, all account information has now officially been dumped and released to the public online. If you have an ESEA account, it is highly advised that you change any of your other accounts that have the same password, as it will most likely be brute force tested by hackers in the coming months.

The leaked ESEA account database has been confirmed by multiple sources. To check if your account has been compromised, it is highly advised that you visit, and input your emails that are utilized on a daily basis. This will tell you if you need to change your passwords.

Below is Jimmy Whisenhunt, Partnerships Manager of Twitch, confirming that the accounts have been compromised, as provided by @BigSecurityNews.